Popularity score: 77/100


Online profiles for first name Bilal by gender: 754 females, 26634 males
In UK, found name Bilal 4.12 % feminine, 95.88% masculine.
In Turkey, found name Bilal 0.00 % feminine, 100.00% masculine.

Meaning & Etymology

The meaning of Bilal is "wetting, satisfying thirst".

White Pages

Found 51366+ people with forename Bilal in Turkey.
Found 2976+ people with forename Bilal in United States.
Found 707+ people with forename Bilal in United Kingdom.
Found 567+ people with forename Bilal in France.
Found 202+ people with forename Bilal in Germany.
Found 188+ people with forename Bilal in Denmark.
Found 185+ people with forename Bilal in Sweden.
Found 149+ people with forename Bilal in Norway.
Found 70+ people with forename Bilal in Canada.
Found 20+ people with forename Bilal in Italy.
Found 20+ people with forename Bilal in Spain.
Found 1+ people with forename Bilal in Poland.


Bilal statistics

Language Usage

Found around 39769 users talking English called Bilal.
Discovered more than 23865 online profiles for Bilal in Arabic.
French speakers using forename Bilal: 20309.
Found more than 6805 bearers of given name Bilal in Turkish.
More than 5586 Bilal among Indonesian users.
Russian speakers using given name Bilal: 3076.
Number of users named Bilal using Spanish language is 1667.
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Found 32024 online records for username Bilal
More nicknames based on Bilal found:
bilal.zuhair bilal.zikar bilal.zankar bilal.yusupov bilal.yurddas bilal.yousf bilal.yousaf bilal.yous bilal.younus bilal.younas786 bilal.younas bilal.yigit bilal.yesfi bilal.yavuz bilal.yatmaz bilal.yasar bilal.yankin bilal.yanik bilal.yamout bilal.yalniz bilal.x3 bilal.wm bilal.wasim bilal.waseem bilal.warraich bilal.waris bilal.warid bilal.w.ansari bilal.wanobex bilal.wahid

Popular Searches

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Typos & Misspells

Biall, Blial, Bila, Bilala, Bilsl, Bolal, Billall, Bilale, Bilali, Bilalo

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Similar Names: Bilalcan / Bilale / Bilaletdin / Bilalettin / Bilalhan / Bilali / Bilalim / Bilalo
Silal / Cilal / Milal / Bilam / Bilad / Zilal / Bilar / Bilat / Nilal / Filal

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