Popularity score: 70/100


Online profiles for first name Blair by gender: 275 females, 217 males
US marriage records found name Blair 38.50% feminine, 61.50% masculine.
In UK, found name Blair 1.13 % feminine, 98.87% masculine.

Meaning & Etymology

The meaning of Blair is "Dweller on the plain".
Origin of Blair is Scottish.

White Pages

Found 17549+ people with forename Blair in United States.
Found 3705+ people with forename Blair in Canada.
Found 1162+ people with forename Blair in United Kingdom.
Found 4+ people with forename Blair in France.
Found 2+ people with forename Blair in Germany.
Found 2+ people with forename Blair in Sweden.
Found 2+ people with forename Blair in Norway.
Found 1+ people with forename Blair in Denmark.
Found 1+ people with forename Blair in Italy.


Blair statistics

Language Usage

Found more than 12134 bearers of given name Blair in English.
More than 491 Blair among Spanish users.
Forename's popularity in Portuguese language is 433.
Searched and found 364 people speaking Italian using name Blair.
We have found 304 Blair in French profiles.
There are more than 177 individuals utilizing this given name in Chinese.
Russian online profiles with Blair first name exceed 170.
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Found 3172 online records for username Blair
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Popular Searches

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Typos & Misspells

Bliar, Balir, Blai, Blaira, Blsir, Blaor, Blaie, Bllair, Blaire, Blairi, Blairo

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