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Meaning & Etymology

The meaning of David is "Beloved".
Origin of David is Hebrew.
David is also used as a surname (David)
What is the origin of name David? Probably UK or France-> Wrong! The name David is a derivation of an ancient Mesopotamian given name and appears in the Bible as the Biblical Hebrew name דָּוִד (Dāwīḏ pronunciation: [dɔːˈviːð]; Modern Hebrew: [daˈvid]), meaning "Darling" or "Beloved". (David)


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Language Usage

Discovered more than 87 online profiles for Bowles in English.
The number of profiles for Bowles in Chinese is around 38.
Spanish online profiles with Bowles given name exceed 3.
Thai speakers using forename Bowles: 1.
Indonesian speakers using forename Bowles: 1.

We have found 131301 David in English profiles.
Around 29187 profiles with surname David found using Spanish language.
Number of users named David using French language is 14054.
Searched and found 12988 people speaking Portuguese using name David.
Number of users named David using Indonesian language is 8509.

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