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Online profiles for Bowles by gender: 1 females, 1 males

Meaning & Etymology

The meaning of Wayne is "A cartwright".
Origin of Wayne is English.


Found 68 online records for username Bowles
Found 24143 online records for username Wayne
Found 5 online records for username WayneBowles

Language Usage

Discovered more than 87 online profiles for Bowles in English.
The number of profiles for Bowles in Chinese is around 38.
Spanish online profiles with Bowles given name exceed 3.
Thai speakers using forename Bowles: 1.
Indonesian speakers using forename Bowles: 1.

We have found 17939 Wayne in English profiles.
Around 2499 profiles with surname Wayne found using French language.
Online Spanish profiles found with last name Wayne: 2495.
Portuguese profiles with last name Wayne found: 1524.
Around 947 profiles with surname Wayne found using German language.

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