Prevalence score: 69/100

Meaning & Etymology

The meaning of Bryant is "Noble, strong, virtuous".
Origin of Bryant is Gaelic.

Language Usage

Family name's popularity in English language is 28000.
The number of Indonesian users using Bryant is 567.
529 users speaking Spanish use last name Bryant in their online profiles.
There are more than 391 people using this family name in French.
Surname's popularity in Russian language is 251.
We have found 236 Bryant in Chinese profiles.
Online Portuguese profiles found with family name Bryant: 123.

Frequent given names for Bryant: Brenda613 Sharon596 Deborah580 Donna571 Cynthia562 Melissa540 Joseph530 Kimberly527 Nancy517 Carolyn489 Timothy483 Jerry479 Shirley468 Willie465 Scott417 Jessica415 Rebecca405 Stephanie391 Gregory390 Jeffrey387 Debra383 Laura368 Joyce365 Amy362 Billy344 Kelly340 Heather334 Cheryl333 Kathy332 Virginia326 Teresa317 Crystal314 Martha312 Tiffany310 Ruth300 Bobby295 Janice293 Paul115 William107 Andrew106 Alan99 Margaret96 Robert91 Richard88 Anthony79 Mark70 Kenneth67 Christine65 Joan58 Arthur54 Jean54 Patricia54 George54 Julie53 Raymond52 Ian52 Derek51 Charles50 Kevin50 Ann50 Janet49 Ronald49 Elizabeth48 Geoffrey48 Mary48 Barbara45 Helen44 Gary43 Anne43 Colin42 Angela42 Edward42 Homes41 Philip41 Claire40 Matthew40 Roger40 Pamela40 Dorothy39 Linda39

Rare forenames: Jessica Zenas Geoff Darcy Bernard Berenice Loa Zinaida Dolores Yuvonda Harald Aian Zhane Christina Mark Antony David Zanda Chas Justine Zenita Bradley Florence Zhaina Henry Craig Jonathon Cilly Evan Alana Claire Jeanne Stephen Zikerria Clarence Zaleska Callan Yuron Iona Kenneth Canon Cameron Gael Zewebe Malcom Jill Roy Zuriah Gail Doran


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White Pages

Found 146884+ people with family name Bryant in United States.
Found 12288+ people with family name Bryant in United Kingdom.
Found 1631+ people with family name Bryant in Canada.
Found 97+ people with family name Bryant in France.
Found 40+ people with family name Bryant in Germany.
Found 35+ people with family name Bryant in Sweden.
Found 16+ people with family name Bryant in Norway.
Found 11+ people with family name Bryant in Denmark.
Found 10+ people with family name Bryant in Italy.
Found 3+ people with family name Bryant in Turkey.


Found 1566 online records for username Bryant
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Bryant statistics

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Typos & Misspells

Brynat, Byrant, Braynt, Bryan, Bryanta, Brysnt, Beyant, Bryantt, Bryante, Bryanti, Bryanto, Bryannt

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