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Meaning & Etymology

The meaning of David is "Beloved".
Origin of David is Hebrew.
David is also used as a surname (David)
What is the origin of name David? Probably UK or France-> Wrong! The name David is a derivation of an ancient Mesopotamian given name and appears in the Bible as the Biblical Hebrew name דָּוִד (Dāwīḏ pronunciation: [dɔːˈviːð]; Modern Hebrew: [daˈvid]), meaning "Darling" or "Beloved". (David)

Language Usage

We have found 131301 David in English profiles.
Around 29187 profiles with surname David found using Spanish language.
Number of users named David using French language is 14054.
Searched and found 12988 people speaking Portuguese using name David.
Number of users named David using Indonesian language is 8509.
Located more than 3232 users using Romanian for this surname.
Searched and found 2083 people speaking Russian using name David.

Frequent given names for David: Johnson704 James685 Anderson425 Michel412 Rodriguez362 Garcia358 Hernandez336 Gonzalez325 White315 Thompson313 Alain312 Martinez299 Jean298 Pierre281 Moore274 Jackson256 Nelson250 Jacques250 Harris246 Clark243 Young242 Philippe242 Lopez241 Davis234 King232 Wright230 Claude229 Andre221 Bernard220 Robinson219 Mitchell219 Gerard210 Patrick207 Perez204 Walker202 Baker198 Adams197 Campbell196 Rene194 Green191 Jennifer190 Dominique190 Phillips186 Roberts185 Laurent182 Christophe180 Hill177 Russell176 Parker176 Flores175 Kelly175 Ramirez171 Morgan170 Thierry168 Stewart167 Cook165 Morris164 Sanchez163 Carter162 Reed159 Guy157 Lisa157 Rivera157 Eric145 Nicolas142 Pascal139 Sebastien138 Olivier137 Francois136 Roger132 Stephane132 Frederic131 Didier128 Marcel122 Martine119 Henri116 Catherine115 Isabelle113 Georges111 Sylvie109

Rare forenames: Darlene Viriginie Diana Zintl Peter Yasmina William Stephen Aruna Bart Aieyaehthurai Julia Paraschiva Margit Zornow Alie Miguela Emili Barbara Heide Madas Gaelle Chris Zupin Samuel Nora Alexandra Agota David Blas Vladimir Jonasson Fernandes Marie Polstermeister Naja Maryrose Csabane Silvia Aron Silow Amilie Jan Doris Ari Verginica Angelina Rahul Clark Karl


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White Pages

Found 109294+ people with family name David in United States.
Found 20475+ people with family name David in France.
Found 6176+ people with family name David in United Kingdom.
Found 3244+ people with family name David in Canada.
Found 1895+ people with family name David in Germany.
Found 1218+ people with family name David in Hungary.
Found 1076+ people with family name David in Italy.
Found 211+ people with family name David in Sweden.
Found 192+ people with family name David in Spain.
Found 121+ people with family name David in Norway.
Found 73+ people with family name David in Denmark.
Found 8+ people with family name David in Poland.
Found 1+ people with family name David in Turkey.


Found 663420 online records for username David
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Typos & Misspells

Daivd, Dvaid, Davi, Davida, Dsvid, Davod, Davide, Davidi, Davido

Similar Names: Davidov / Davidyan
Davis / Davir / Davit / Cavid

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