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Meaning & Etymology

The meaning of Dean is "Valley; dean".
Origin of Dean is English.
The name Dean is 100% ANGLO-SAXON in origin. It means FROM THE VALLEY. (Angela)
IMAGE SEARCH missed actor DEAN MEASOR. (Angela)
The image search has missed British born actor DEAN MEASOR. (Angela)
The name DEAN is 100% originated from Great Britain. It is Anglo-Saxon in origin and means from the valley. (Charlotte)

Language Usage

There are more than 24159 people using this surname in English.
The number of profiles for Dean in Indonesian is around 2388.
We have found 912 Dean in Spanish profiles.
We have found 426 Dean in French profiles.
380 users speaking Portuguese use surname Dean in their online profiles.
353 users speaking Malay use surname Dean in their online profiles.
About 292 people called Dean are Arabic speakers.

Frequent given names for Dean: Sandra622 Donna591 Jeffrey583 Deborah574 Nancy533 Steven514 Kimberly498 Timothy469 Shirley436 Rebecca431 Scott426 Cynthia425 Matthew422 Melissa420 Debra383 Amy376 Stephanie375 Jessica374 Gregory365 Kelly356 Carolyn348 Amanda336 Heather335 Diane335 Kathy335 Teresa323 Janice319 Patrick317 James309 Cheryl291 Ruth282 Martha274 Alan250 Michael239 Andrew223 Paul206 Margaret165 Richard139 George121 Thomas116 Mary108 Kenneth107 Mark106 Elizabeth105 Martin104 Joan98 Barbara96 Jean93 Sarah93 Janet92 Dorothy87 Leslie86 Christine85 Ronald85 Barry84 Julie82 Charles81 Ann80 Karen78 Helen76 Philip75 Roger68 Arthur68 Angela68 Kevin67 Eric67 Carol64 Raymond64 Harry63 Gary61 Jane61 Kathleen58 Derek58 Albert58 Joyce57 Roy56 Jennifer56 Simon55 Frank55 Graham55

Rare forenames: Younkin Madeleine Ashlie Hilde Sylvie Phillit Jacky Gill Zechariah Lidia Edna Primo Zappalorti Annmarie Baron Alicia Gavin Yicki Yost Clare Rodney Aift Vincent Amat Zeshaan Yoho Zong Vivian Nikita Rodolfo Bridget Emilie Jostein Anil Arshadi Cyril Liza Michael Alina Alda Philippe Beverley Yonemoto Amrul Zajenowski Albt Rogelio Zarpak Timothy Cinzia


dean edna dena dane aden end a den a and e ned a dan e

White Pages

Found 139215+ people with family name Dean in United States.
Found 19790+ people with family name Dean in United Kingdom.
Found 2926+ people with family name Dean in Canada.
Found 217+ people with family name Dean in France.
Found 121+ people with family name Dean in Italy.
Found 74+ people with family name Dean in Spain.
Found 51+ people with family name Dean in Norway.
Found 35+ people with family name Dean in Sweden.
Found 24+ people with family name Dean in Germany.
Found 13+ people with family name Dean in Denmark.
Found 4+ people with family name Dean in Hungary.
Found 2+ people with family name Dean in Poland.


Found 24823 online records for username Dean
More nicknames based on Dean found:
dean dean.brown dean.anderson dean.clark dean.evans dean.allen dean.harris dean.hall dean.bennett dean.campbell dean.clarke dean.adams dean.baker dean.cooper dean.edwards dean.fisher dean.gray dean.bailey dean.cook dean.hill dean.bell dean.collins dean.davis dean.harrison dean.arnold dean.c dean.chapman dean.armstrong dean.carter dean.chen


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Typos & Misspells

Daen, Dena, Dea, Deana, Desn, Deane, Deani, Deano, Deann

Similar Names: Deandria / Deane

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