Prevalence score: 56/100

Meaning & Etymology

The meaning of Katie is "maybe the pure".

Language Usage

2709 English speakers are using this family name.
292 users talking French utilize the surname alongside their web profiles.
Number of users named Katie using Chinese language is 219.
Around 110 profiles with last name Katie found using Russian language.
More than 93 Katie among Arabic users.
Indonesian speakers using surname Katie: 91.
Number of users named Katie using Spanish language is 77.

Frequent given names for Katie: Johnson23 Williams23 Katie21 Jones19 Brown15 Smith14 Wilson12 Davis11 Miller10 Phillips10 Jackson10 White10 Hill9 Thompson9 Hall8 Walker8 Evans8 Mcdonald7 Harris7 Taylor7 Robinson7 Turner7 Lewis7 Brooks6 Baker6 Alexander6 Fisher6 Anderson6 Mitchell6 Thomas6 Martin6 Edwards5 Fletcher5 Clark5 Lee5 Graham5 Campbell5 Carter5 Adams5 Green5 Ward5 Owen5 Scott5 King5 Holmes5 Gallagher4 Cox4 Franklin4 Henderson4 Cook4 Hampton4 Gregory4 Gray4 Bell4 James4 Lloyd4 Howell4 Barnes4 Butler4 Bennett4 Cantrell4 Watson4 Warren4 Simmons4 Washington4 Young4 Lawson4 Woods4 Ross4 Ryan4 Rogers4 Moore4 Mason4 Nguyen4 Nelson4 Parker4 Rice4 Truong3 Tran3 Townsend3

Rare forenames: Wever Wooden Anaelle Lawrence Douglas Dave Paul Matthew Roscoe Weilage Elliott Zahn West Macs Julien Woronick Arnold Makmoth Washburn Zorens Weisenburg Whitney Marsden Vordtriede Makin Wolf Warfield Wedner Wyland Whipps Kirkland House Welsh Sarah Wes Harvey Whitley Jay Misty Herbert Niamh Zannini Waldon Whitten Gale John Witmore Wisener Stanley Freya


katie tike a teak i take i kite a kate i ikea t ike at ike ta

White Pages

Found 2717+ people with family name Katie in United States.
Found 144+ people with family name Katie in United Kingdom.
Found 5+ people with family name Katie in France.
Found 1+ people with family name Katie in Canada.


Found 25485 online records for username Katie
More nicknames based on Katie found:
katie katie.brown katie.anderson katie.allen katie.clark katie.cooper katie.adams katie.bell katie.collins katie.bennett katie.b katie.campbell katie.baker katie.barnes katie.carter katie.chapman katie.cox katie.brooks katie.burns katie.butler katie.carr katie.clarke katie.burke katie.burton katie.coleman katie.bailey katie.carr1 katie.carroll katie.connolly katie.cook


Katie statistics

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Typos & Misspells

Kaite, Ktaie, Kati, Katiea, Kstie, Katoe, Kattie, Katiee, Katiei, Katieo

Similar Names: Katiel / Katier

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