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Meaning & Etymology

The meaning of Kevin is "Little gentle one or handsome".
Origin of Kevin is Irish.
The meaning of Kevin is derived from the Scottish GAVIN meaning "Strong Fighter". However the spelling is one of the Irish derivities (Kevin Baxendale)
Kevin is an Irish staints name if I am corrcet (kevin charrington)

Language Usage

Online English profiles found with surname Kevin: 18802.
Online Indonesian profiles found with last name Kevin: 8658.
Found more than 6575 bearers of family name Kevin in Spanish.
Found around 5231 users talking French called Kevin.
Searched and found 1161 people speaking German using name Kevin.
The number of Portuguese users using Kevin is 1117.
Searched and found 1068 people speaking Chinese using name Kevin.

Frequent given names for Kevin: Smith363 Johnson270 Brown250 Jones201 Williams186 Miller169 Murphy160 Davis143 Anderson135 Moore133 Nguyen130 Kelly121 Clark120 Lee116 Sullivan113 Obrien109 Taylor103 Thompson100 Oconnor97 Thomas92 Mccarthy90 Collins84 Lewis82 Harris81 King80 Campbell80 Wright80 Ryan78 Mitchell77 Hall75 Roberts72 Kennedy72 Green71 Scott70 Phillips69 Allen67 James66 Adams64 Robinson64 Nelson64 Mcdonald64 Lynch63 Tran61 Gallagher60 Hill60 Walker60 Burke59 Young58 Burns58 Murray58 Baker58 Parker58 Walsh57 Cook57 Morris57 Quinn56 Edwards55 Brooks52 Turner52 Rogers49 Jenkins49 Price48 Russell48 Flynn48 Kelley48 Bennett47 Gray47 Hughes47 Foster46 Carter46 Hayes46 Wood46 Cooper45 Stewart45 Ross45 Ward43 Morgan43 Richardson43 Wallace43 Dunn42

Rare forenames: Ziskin Ziler Allen Andrea Malmbom Zemaitis Zemboy Zilinsky Zeman Bosanquet Nugent Pfeffer Jacobsson Zvibleman Carr Zwart Zodnik Clevenger Collins Zhou Budde Zoback Zupkus Louise Boris Zieniuk Burns Colleen Zimlinghaus Gendron Baker Srenn Green Zibluk Manuel Zook Frechin Cooper Zeitler Langton Karpets Zieziula Lopez Ziober Zweigbaum Gautheron Noah Kenny Gynane Keehan


kevin vine k vein k nike v kiev n

White Pages

Found 28642+ people with family name Kevin in United States.
Found 855+ people with family name Kevin in United Kingdom.
Found 48+ people with family name Kevin in France.
Found 39+ people with family name Kevin in Canada.
Found 29+ people with family name Kevin in Sweden.
Found 13+ people with family name Kevin in Norway.
Found 6+ people with family name Kevin in Germany.
Found 1+ people with family name Kevin in Hungary.
Found 1+ people with family name Kevin in Denmark.


Found 205127 online records for username Kevin
More nicknames based on Kevin found:
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Kevin statistics

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Typos & Misspells

Keivn, Kvein, Kevi, Kevina, Kevon, Kevine, Kevini, Kevino, Kevinn

Similar Names: Kevinc
Levin / Sevin / Kevis / Nevin / Devin / Tevin / Kevik / Gevin / Cevin

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