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Meaning & Etymology

The meaning of Robert is "Bright fame".
Origin of Robert is Germanic.
I was born in the former Dutch East Indies, now known as Indonesia, in the city of Bandung (Robert Henry Karel Everaarts)
i was born in ireland then moved to nigeria warri (roberta)
Renzema is a dutch name, it means Renze + ma (dirk renzema)
Bonjour j ai mange une pomme (Loïc Pelzer)

Language Usage

Number of users named Robert using English language is 38142.
French online profiles with Robert last name exceed 7443.
Family name's popularity in Indonesian language is 4532.
The number of Spanish users using Robert is 4116.
Discovered around 3827 clients communicating in Romanian with last name Robert.
Searched and found 2195 people speaking Portuguese using name Robert.
953 users talking Russian utilize the surname alongside their web profiles.

Frequent given names for Robert: Johnson835 Williams711 Brown633 Michel585 Miller539 Jean503 Taylor461 Davis451 Alain448 Anderson441 Philippe397 Claude349 Pierre339 Thompson332 Jackson323 Moore320 Jacques320 White314 Bernard302 Harris301 Daniel276 Lewis265 Patrick261 Baker255 Walker255 Rodriguez249 Hall245 James241 Gerard239 Campbell236 Christophe236 Guy235 Adams231 Dominique227 Rene225 Mitchell224 Nelson223 Wright221 Garcia219 Green213 Evans211 Martinez209 Yves208 Murphy207 Morris205 Frederic204 Robinson203 Pascal200 Henri198 Phillips197 Thierry196 Stephane190 Roger184 Marcel184 Hill184 Olivier184 Hernandez183 Didier181 Reed181 Maurice179 Sylvie171 Francois170 Stewart170 Morgan169 Gilles165 Isabelle164 Georges163 Nicolas162 Eric161 Peterson161 Cook158 Wagner158 Watson157 Carter156 Edwards155 Sebastien154 Serge153 Collins152 Graham151 Nathalie149

Rare forenames: Esteban Zulin Vincent Zuberer Welin Zullo Mariam Julia Zsunkan Weneguili Lundfeldt Yoane Gal Victoria Claudine Stefanie Terry Ylene Vincendeau Mari Ulysse Yndell Loostrom Arsene Pohlmann Wennerberg Adeyinka Craig Sabina Darlene Catalina Carroll Sebastian Pancu Teresa Lawnik Emmanuel Macxim Jore Veemala Olah Aryur Fjall Kerstin Lajos Trond Monica Wahiba Yvonnette Agnieszka


robert borer t tore rb tore br rote rb rote br terr ob robt re robt er bret or bert or toe brr rob rte

White Pages

Found 93523+ people with family name Robert in United States.
Found 28335+ people with family name Robert in France.
Found 6456+ people with family name Robert in Canada.
Found 1947+ people with family name Robert in United Kingdom.
Found 452+ people with family name Robert in Germany.
Found 241+ people with family name Robert in Spain.
Found 186+ people with family name Robert in Sweden.
Found 84+ people with family name Robert in Norway.
Found 78+ people with family name Robert in Italy.
Found 63+ people with family name Robert in Poland.
Found 19+ people with family name Robert in Hungary.
Found 17+ people with family name Robert in Denmark.


Found 200047 online records for username Robert
More nicknames based on Robert found:
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Typos & Misspells

Robret, Rboert, Roebrt, Rober, Roberta, Robeet, Robertt, Roberte, Roberti, Roberto

Similar Names: Roberts / Robertson

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