Prevalence score: 70/100

Meaning & Etymology

The meaning of Rogers is "Famous spear".
Origin of Rogers is English.

Language Usage

English speakers using surname Rogers: 42631.
Discovered around 1348 clients communicating in Spanish with last name Rogers.
Family name's popularity in Portuguese language is 381.
Family name's popularity in French language is 264.
We have found 258 Rogers in Indonesian profiles.
The number of Russian users using Rogers is 217.
We have found 126 Rogers in Italian profiles.

Frequent given names for Rogers: Lisa1136 Donna1009 Sandra945 Nancy944 Betty929 Deborah902 Timothy853 Melissa822 Cynthia799 Kimberly793 Jerry766 Jeffrey754 Amy730 Rebecca724 Laura694 Matthew693 Shirley669 Carolyn667 Jessica647 Debra622 Kelly622 Stephanie617 Amanda584 Heather580 Judy576 Diane572 Cheryl568 Tammy539 Jimmy531 Virginia514 Ruth508 Martha502 Alan394 William367 Margaret300 Christine205 Barbara202 Mary201 Elizabeth197 George197 Susan196 Colin192 Julie181 Joan174 Jean166 Ann162 Graham161 Philip159 Derek148 Kathleen146 Linda141 Martin141 Ronald138 Anne138 Karen137 Edward137 Helen136 Arthur129 Albert120 Dorothy118 Claire115 Charles115 Simon115 Joyce112 Sharon109 Catherine109 Eric109 Janet108 Raymond106 Frederick102 Alison102 Geoffrey100 Carol99 Eileen98 Roy98 Pauline98 Jennifer95 Leslie94 Barry94 Norman92

Rare forenames: Urban Collette Rita Zselleen Jessica Zairiah Angie Scarlett Guy Candace Dylan Therese Zimmerman Zelphia Alfred Martin Zelerie Adeline Eddie Pamela Zakian Muriel Aoife Emma Zenvi Autocare Sylvia Ami Abbie Ashleigh Terence Zhamarya Ziska Ursula Zatanya Patrice Zaquaron Gilbert Zarrette Derek Zakiya Irene Valerie Elisabeth Gilford Aladar Viviane Zeda Traktortjanst Jorid


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White Pages

Found 238506+ people with family name Rogers in United States.
Found 38431+ people with family name Rogers in United Kingdom.
Found 7080+ people with family name Rogers in Canada.
Found 235+ people with family name Rogers in France.
Found 64+ people with family name Rogers in Germany.
Found 56+ people with family name Rogers in Sweden.
Found 45+ people with family name Rogers in Norway.
Found 23+ people with family name Rogers in Denmark.
Found 22+ people with family name Rogers in Italy.
Found 12+ people with family name Rogers in Spain.
Found 2+ people with family name Rogers in Turkey.
Found 1+ people with family name Rogers in Hungary.


Found 1487 online records for username Rogers
More nicknames based on Rogers found:
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Rogers statistics

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Typos & Misspells

Rogres, Rgoers, Roegrs, Roger, Rogersa, Rogees, Rogerse, Rogersi, Rogerso

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